Case Study

Form Follows Firm

This study stresses the depth of our design investigation to grasp the unique functional and programmatic requirements of our clients and then to use design to develop an aesthetic that is representative of their unique mission as they describe it to us.  The design then becomes a language of elements that we compose to tell a story that is meaningful to our clients, their clients, and a proof that each design effort is a separate and distinct experience with the control of the same building footprint.

Firm A

Enclosed Offices

106,000 Rentable SF

2-1/2  Floors

332 Net SF/Person

Firm B

Enclosed Offices

56,000 Rentable SF

1 Floor plus partial floors

187 Net SF/Person

Firm C

Open Office Plan

53,000 Rentable SF

1 Floor plus partial floor

185 Net SF/Person

Open and enclosed collaborative spaces are centralized.

The design features a strong vertical connection and an aesthetic that is welcoming to start-up clients as well as investment banker clients.

Entrance with stair and double height space as primary design feature connecting three floors of the firm.

The entrance features a detached black steel and glass box referencing the cast iron fronts of Tribeca.

An expansive horizontal lit surface emphasizes the scale of the space.

The choice of well defined wood frames combined with black steel entrances are symbolic of the strength of the firm.

The detail of a stair using thick stone treads on a single massive steel beam becomes a piece of sculpture in the space.

Small private rooms divide the larger rooms and are individual or small group workrooms located throughout the space.

Open and enclosed collaborative spaces in two primary areas.

The design features a sentimental collection of Berenice Abbott photographs along with  single pieces for which the architecture was shaped.

Entrance and primary design feature, in this case, a painting capturing the ethos of the firm

Folded wall and ceiling elements become spaces for pausing to observe art throughout the space.

A large room kept calm by balancing the art, light, and furniture composition.

The choice of muted color yet high contrast to support the collection of photographs speaks to the character of the individuals.

A long glass plane divides the perimeter offices from the interior spaces and acts as a continuous filter for light.

A cool look to the lunch room and located along the perimeter.

Open and enclosed collaborative spaces are decentralized and shared across the floor.

The aspiration of the firm was for openness in communication so the design features transparent conference rooms and small break-out rooms.

To emphasize the drama of being at the top of the building we used  monolithic black walls.

A sacred fold screen is reserved for a room that reveals itself from behind telescoping glass doors.

The warmth of the wood slat walls then becomes the ceiling feature.

Vertical wood veneered columns, express the openness and transparency of the firm’s values around private spaces.

Glass cubes with engraved letters from the mission of the firm are quiet colorful interludes in the expansive white open plan.

This lunch room is a work collaborative space completely on the interior but designed to stream in natural light from the building perimeter.