Boys and Girls Club Queens

This project is based on the Boys and Girls Club strategic plan to extend the vitality of the important neighborhood institution into the next 50 years of its history.  The plan begins with tripling the size of the clubs programs to include outreach to the community for senior level leaders and instructors.  New facilities would include a multi-use gym, 5 lane swimming pool, community meeting spaces, a tech hub, pre-school, middle school, a planetarium, and outdoor spaces for recreation and teaching.  The ground floor will include retail space for some food and beverage connected to the cafeteria for teaching young students.  112 Units of residential space will include affordable housing as well as housing for some of the full time staff.


217,000 SF


Master Plan and Rezoning

Multi-family Residential Design, School Design, and Special Facilities Design including Sports, Tech Lab, Planetarium, Theater, and Library